Funding for Talented Traders

AxiSelect is a structured pathway to becoming a professional trader.

Through performance monitoring, we identify traders with the potential to succeed and provide funding and professional development to help them build a trading career.

What is the AxiSelect Incubation Program?

The AxiSelect program is designed to provide talented retail traders with an equal opportunity to become a full-time professional trader.

AxiSelect has partnered with PsyQuation, a specialist performance analytical software and consultancy, to run the program. The proprietary PsyQuation Score acts as a talent filter by looking at traders' performance at a trade-by-trade level from multiple dimensions to provide an allocator of capital with a higher probability of finding traders that are likely to succeed in the future.

The AxiSelect program welcomes traders with all account sizes and is focused exclusively on identifying talent and helping to accelerate a trader's career in a controlled way.

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From getting started through to funding allocation, view our Frequently Asked Questions for all the information you need about joining the AxiSelect program and your path to being a professional trader.