Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

  • Can anyone join AxiSelect?

    Anyone can register for the AxiSelect program. However our program is aimed at skilled traders that can demonstrate that they have "skill" according to the analytics provided by the PsyQuation platform.

    See criteria for allocations to learn more.

  • Is there any cost to join AxiSelect?

    No. It’s free to register with AxiSelect. The only cost to you is through normal trading activity.

  • Does every trader registered with AxiSelect automatically qualify for funding?

    No. In order to qualify, traders will need to satisfy certain quantitative conditions. The program is performance based with qualitative factors be considered in the funding decision.

  • I only trade in my spare time. Can I still join AxiSelect?

    Yes. We understand that many aspiring traders have other jobs and can only trade in their spare time. AxiSelect aims to help those talented traders follow a structured pathway to becoming full time professional traders.

Assessment Criteria

  • How will I be assessed?

    To be considered for funding we expect traders to meet the following general conditions:

    • A 12 month Live Account trading history
    • A PsyQuation Score of 65 or more


    • A 6 month Live Account trading history
    • A PsyQuation Score of 75 or more

    Once the above criteria are in place the AxiSelect Investment Manager will enter into a discussion to see if the trader is suitable to proceed to an allocation phase, learn more.

  • Is there a minimum number of trades, or minimum trade size?

    No. You can trade as much or as little as you like. The AxiSelect Investment Committee is looking for traders who can prove consistency and longevity.

  • How long until I’m eligible for AxiSelect funding?

     AxiSelect will make allocations on an ongoing basis to traders who meet the assessment criteria.

    Further allocations will be made to traders as they pass through different phases of the allocation process.

  • Can AxiSelect guarantee I’ll become a professional trader?

    No. We can offer no guarantee that a trader on the AxiSelect program will become a professional trader or gain an industry qualification.

    Every registered trader will be individually monitored by the AxiSelect Investment Committee but only those traders able to prove ongoing success through their AxiSelect trading account will be considered for funding and targeted for further development through the AxiSelect program.

  • How long will it take to become a professional trader?

    Because the AxiSelect program is fundamentally designed to help talented traders advance their trading career at their own pace, we cannot guarantee a set time frame for becoming a professional trader.

    The role of AxiSelect is to provide assistance by way of funding, mentoring, networking and analytical insights which can assist a trader in reaching the goal of becoming a professional trader. Any decision to support a trader will be based on performance, aptitude and attitude, rather than time-based.

  • Can I measure my performance against other traders?

    Yes. All traders who receive an AxiSelect allocation will be visible on the PsyQuation Leaderboard in real-time.

Accounts and funding

  • Why do I need to open a new AxiTrader trading account?

    This is only a requirement if you do not currently have an AxiTrader account. If you already have an AxiTrader account, this can be used for the AxiSelect program. As the funding is being provided by AxiTrader or its nominee it is understandable that it would want all the trade execution to go through its own brokerage.

  • How much do I need to deposit in my account?

    AxiSelect requires a minimum account size of AUD $1,000 to enter the program if selected. 

  • How much funding can I receive?

    Traders who satisfy the AxiSelect criteria and progress through the various stages can receive up to $100,000 of cash to trade. We envisage allocating significantly larger amounts to traders who we believe have the potential, as we scale the program from its initial pilot phase.

  • How much can I earn on the AxiSelect program?

    If you’re trading with funds allocated by AxiSelect, you will earn 20% commission on all fresh profits generated using those funds, i.e. above a high water mark. This is uncapped.

  • Can I withdraw my funds?

    Yes. The process around withdrawing and depositing funds is detailed in our AxiSelect agreement, which can be requested through our investment manager 

    Naturally any funding provided by AxiSelect cannot be directly withdrawn.

  • Will AxiSelect compensate me for any losses?

    No. Each trader is fully responsible for any losses incurred to personal funds. AxiSelect will only cover losses sustained on trades executed with funding provided by AxiSelect.

  • Am I liable for losses on funds allocated by AxiSelect?

    No. Any losses incurred on trades executed using AxiSelect funding are the responsibility of AxiSelect.

  • Why do I need to fund a portion of the trading account?

    Because of the significant amounts of funding potentially available and the associated risk, there is a fundamental belief that a trader has to have “skin in the game” to prevent the mental accounting associated with excessive risk taking when trading free money.

General Information

  • Does AxiSelect provide training?

    No. AxiSelect does not provide formal trading education or training.

    Our program is aimed at talented traders who already possess trading knowledge and can demonstrate the skill and attitude to become professional traders. For those traders identified as having potential to become professional, AxiSelect is able to provide funding, performance analytics, mentoring, networking opportunities and assistance with industry licensing.

  • Can I leave the AxiSelect program?

    Yes. You’re free to stop trading or leave the AxiSelect program at any time.

  • Can I be removed from the AxiSelect program?

    Yes. The AxiSelect Investment Committee reserves the right to remove traders from the program if they incur significant losses using AxiSelect funds or are deemed to pose undue risk to AxiSelect capital.

    A 10% drawdown in a month, a total drawdown from the high water mark of 20% will result in an automatic removal from the program. AxiSelect Investment Committee will also consider removing accounts that have seen their PsyQuation Score drop below 70. 

  • Where did AxiSelect come from?

    AxiSelect is an AxiTrader initiative.

  • What is the AxiSelect Investment Committee?

    The AxiSelect Investment Committee is a board of highly experienced traders from AxiTrader and its investment manager PsyQuation.

    The committee is responsible for monitoring trader performance and making decisions about funding allocation. They are also responsible for providing mentoring, networking opportunities, recommendations on appropriate industry licensing and helping guide successful traders along a structured pathway towards becoming a full-time trader.