AxiSelect News & Reports

Axi Select February Report

The most pleasing aspect of the February performance was the performance of the developing traders, two of whom are close to promotion into the Axi Select proprietary funding program.

The New Path to Becoming a Professional Trader

Traditionally, if you wanted to become a professional trader you’d start by getting a tertiary qualification, then you’d get a job with a bank or financial institution and cut your teeth working on the trading floor. No longer.

AxiSelect December Performance Report

The core portfolio presently consists of 2 professional managers and 14 developing managers/traders. We currently have over 100 traders registered for tracking account purposes.

AxiSelect November Performance Report

It’s been a milestone month as we have finally, after many months of system testing, taken the program out to a broader audience of traders. It is from this group that we will find the next generation of superstar trader.