The New Path to Becoming a Professional Trader

The trading industry has changed.

Traditionally, if you wanted to become a professional trader you’d start by getting a tertiary qualification – perhaps something in finance, IT, mathematics or accounting. Then you’d get a job with a bank or financial institution and cut your teeth working on the trading floor. All things going well, you’d progress up the chain and end up managing large funds.

But things aren’t like they used to be.

Nowadays, banks hire a tiny fraction of the traders they once did – if they hire at all. Yet, the market still demands professional traders. With fewer opportunities through the corporate pathway, retail traders are the next generation of trading superstars. Unfortunately, many top performing retail traders lack the capital and professional network to fulfil their potential.

That’s where AxiSelect comes in.

We’re the link between talented retail traders and institutional trading. We provide capital funding, mentoring and professional networking to help top retail traders reach institutional levels of performance and pursue a career in trading. In short, AxiSelect is a structured pathway to becoming a professional trader.

But AxiSelect isn’t the right path for every trader.

We don’t teach trading or hand out qualifications. AxiSelect is aimed at proven and responsible traders – those who can already demonstrate a thorough understanding of trading, risk management and money management. After all, we’re risking our capital, so we want to be pretty certain the traders we support know what they’re doing.


For more information about the AxiSelect program, read our FAQs.