AxiSelect December Performance Report

AxiSelect Performance Report, December 31st 2014

The core portfolio presently consists of 2 professional managers and 14 developing managers/traders. We currently have over 100 traders registered for tracking account purposes.

The professional managers had a mixed month to end the year with one manager’s profit balancing the other manager’s loss. Overall for the calendar year, both managers are showing a modest annualised return of around +5.5%. Their role is to provide a stable anchor for our portfolio and they are performing this task admirably.

The stars of the program continue to be 2 of the developing managers.

  • EH Capital remains a stand-out consistent performer. He’s had 2 losing months with a biggest drawdown of 0.55%. His winning months have been consistently around 1.5%. His strategy has been flexible to suit the markets and his risk management has been flawless. His assets under management (AUM) have increased significantly with the Axi Select proprietary allocation increasing to $250,000 and we are excited that he has decided to stay in the program and try to build his business further.
  • LH Trading is relatively new to us and he comes to the Axi Select program with a very compelling track record. His performance so far is living up to the hype, with a return of almost 2.5% in November which he repeated in December. We have increased his allocation to $200,000.

No big change from last month when it comes to our prop traders. They have been less impressive so far with the majority still sitting under water. We certainly have had some interesting rides, with 3 traders showing quite significant volatility of returns. We maintain our faith in these traders as we believe they all have the ability to maximise profit when they get it consistently right. Some of the other traders are probably guilty of being over cautious, but that is understandable when they are faced for the first time with a significant opportunity in a pressurised environment.

After 1 month we have 4 tracking accounts immediately come onto our radar. More on this next month!

Footnote stays the same! Stick to what you know! The professional and the aspiring managers all have strict risk management and trade-strategy regimes which are tried and tested and which they adhere to religiously. This is why they perform so consistently. It is glaringly obvious after studying 8 months of data that prop traders would do well to adopt similar guidelines. The number of times where generally good performance has been marred by one-off emotive trades in Gold, Oil, the S&P or some exotic currency cross is simply staggering. Stick to what you know!