Axi Select February Report

The most pleasing aspect of the February performance was the performance of the developing traders, two of whom are close to promotion into the Axi Select proprietary funding program.

Chak, a portfolio manager, has been trading his own account for 6 months and has shown us enough to convince us that he has a future in the funds management industry. His worst month was -1.5% and his best month was +5.5%; with 4 out of 6 months on the positive side of the ledger, this was a very easy decision for us.

Graeme, an intraday systematic EUR/USD trader, will be funded after a 4-month tracking period. He had 3/4 winning months with a best month of just under 3% and a biggest monthly drawdown of -1.4%. Again, not a very difficult decision for us.

We have had no drop-outs from the proprietary funded program in February, with all traders keeping well within their allocated guidelines. The primary weighted portfolio was +1.6% for the month.